Chapter Project

The CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Project is an annual event where members graciously donate their time and expertise to build a garden that fills a need in our community. The project is completed in one weekend.

2016 Project Call for Submissions

If you know of a project that may meet the criteria listed below, please pass this along to the organization in need and submit an application to the chapter by regular mail, e-mail or fax. We select each project carefully, considering the following criteria:

  • Who will this project benefit?
  • Design: Has the project already been designed, or will we need to provide design services?
  • Location: Where is the project? How visible is the project to the public?
  • Budget: Is there any budget available for materials, debris box, lunches, etc.?
  • Site Amenities: Are bathrooms, water, electrical outlets, etc. available? Is there a secure area to store equipment & materials over night?
  • Staff Support: Is anyone available to provide lunches, beverages (soda, water, etc.)? Will we have access to utilities (electric panel, water meter, etc.)?
  • Existing Conditions: Is much demolition needed? Can weeds be sprayed and removed prior to the project date?
  • Duration of project: Can the project be built in one day?
  • Maintenance: Is there a budget available to maintain the project once it has been installed?
  • Need: What is the level of need of the project recipients?
  • Is staff available to promote the project in the local media (press releases to local media, elected representatives, etc.)?
  • How will CLCA benefit from providing service for the project (permanently affixed placard or sign)?


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