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SFBA Chapter Celebration

June 15 | Michael's at shoreline | Mountain View | 5:30pm-9:30pm

Start the Father's Day weekend early, bring the whole family and have fun celebrating our chapter's rich history. After all, this is where CLCA started!

Come ready to celebrate and support LEAF, CLCA's scholarship foundation! We will also have an opportunity to support Chapter sponsored LEAF Scholarship Funds and establish new named funds. Ever thought of establishing your own company or family fund? Is there special people in your life you'd like to honor with a donation in their name? Now would be the perfect time to make this happen. You are encouraged to make a donation by mailing a check or bringing your donation to the event.

Mail donations to:
California Landscape Contractors Association
ATTN: LEAF Scholarships
1491 River Park Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Mary Cohen, 408.981.2955 or email marycohen@aol.com

Delicious buffet dinner
Adults $50 
Children 4-12 $20 
Children under 4 FREE

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SFBA Golf Tournament

SAVE THE DATE | October 1st | Spring Valley Golf Course | 1:30PM-8:00pm

Registration and details will be announced soon

CLCA Trophy Awards 2023

CLCA Trophy Awards promo
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Water Conservation Showcase

Water Conservation Showcase

Are you interested in discovering innovative ways to protect one of Earth’s most valuable resources?

Look no further than the Water Conservation Showcase on June 15th at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center!

This FREE event, open to the public, is dedicated to showcasing scalable strategies and solutions that can make a real impact on our water conservation efforts.

Attend in-person in San Ramon to network with like-minded individuals and check out the latest water conservation products in the expo hall. Lunch and raffle prizes provided.

Details and Registration
Delta Bluegrass Co.
Dig Corp

Peninsula Building Materials 100 Anniversary

Peninsula Building Materials 100 Anniversary

Serving customers in Northern California since 1923, Peninsula Building Materials is family-owned and operated by the Morey family to this day.

To honor its 100th Anniversary, PBM hosted an Open House on April 29th at the magnificent Masonry Showroom in Mountain View. Vendors, customers and business associates came out to pay tribute to the long standing relationships that made PBM what it is today.

The Anniversary Celebration included its own paperboy, vintage vehicle and plenty of balloons and bubbly. Congratulations PBM!

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Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Do you need help navigating industry challenges?

Ewing is here for you.

If you’re a member of our ProAdvantage loyalty rewards programlog in to your account any time to take advantage of the many services and solutions Ewing offers to help our customers succeed. If you’re not a member, visit the ProAdvantage page to learn more and sign up today.
You also can find a wealth of business ideas and solutions in the Ewing blog and YouTube video libraries, Ewing Education course offerings, and newsletters.
Contact your local Ewing Representative today:
Tony Munoz
(408) 436-8848

Waterwise Column

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree

Solar citrus

The easiest citrus to care for and to grow are the true dwarf citrus

By Matthew Frazier
Expert Certified Water Manager
Qualified Stormwater Manager
Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper

With summer nearing, there is much to anticipate.

Including warm mornings and hot days. The solar energy which falls upon our gardens and landscapes is an item to be harnessed.

One of the techniques shared with me early on as a nursery consultant is using black mulch around citrus. For those of us who grow any type of citrus, this can be both functional and ornamental.

The easiest citrus to care for and to grow are the true dwarf citrus. In my two years at Almaden Valley Nursery, I worked as a nursery consultant and sales associate responsible for citrus, trees, and vines.

The citrus was my favorite. Monrovia and other quality growers shipped us various sizes of citrus every week. These small shrubs and trees yielded fruit every year and captured the attention and the interest of our customers and visitors.

There are many types of mulch available for our garden and landscapes. Black bark mulch seems a great match for dwarf citrus. The black mulch absorbs solar energy during the warm mornings and hot days of summer and then releases this solar energy in the late afternoon and evening.

In addition to photosynthesis, this is a wonderful impact upon the citrus. The aesthetics of black against green foliage and brightly colored fruit is unmistakable. The halo of energy and heat which surrounds the root zone and the trunk will offer the necessary energy for fruit production while adding a flair for the ornamental. Small particle bark is ideal in that it allows excess irrigation to vaporize more quickly and be absorbed by the leaves of the citrus.

The stark contrast of colors offers an element of interest. The black mulch accentuates the array of colors of both foliage and fruit while capturing this much-needed solar energy. There are many varieties of dwarf citrus available, and I encourage our readers to visit your local garden centers an nurseries and take a closer look at these beautiful shrubs and trees. The summer solstice is Wednesday, June 21st this year at 7:57am PST. What better way to usher in summer season than with the purchase of a dwarf citrus this spring which will likely yield a crop by summer? Another addition to the citrus is the fragrant and ornamental annual ground cover Sweet Alyssum. Sweet Alyssum comes in several colors ranging from gold to purple to white and is on a list of insectary plants which attracts beneficial predatory insects. The contrast of colors between the black mulch, the dwarf citrus, and the Sweet Alyssum; enticing the imaginations and senses of many. In earlier column entries, I have alluded to insectary plants and this entry is no exception. Alyssum spreads like a carpet over the ground and brings ladybird beetles or ladybugs and a host of other beneficials. With the fragrance of the Alyssum comes the sweeping evening winds of summer, which carries the aroma of citrus blossoms as well as the floral notes surrounding the dwarf citrus trees.

This spring, I encourage our readers to indulge themselves and pay a much due visit to your local garden center and nursery. Almaden Valley Nursery is where I got my start as a nursery consultant. And Almaden Valley is ripe for the harvest of Solar Citrus. Thank you.

Calamondin Orange Tropical Citrus Tree

Calamondin Orange Tropical Citrus Tree

Dwarf Tangerine Citrus Tree

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