California Landscape Contractors Association
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

“CLCA serves and protects the interests of its members, promotes professionalism and advances public awareness of the landscape industry.”

This simple yet concise statement defines not only the mission of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), but also that of its founding chapter, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SFBA).


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The History of the SFBA Chapter:
A Tradition of Excellence

The SFBA Chapter enjoys the distinction of being California’s very first landscape contractor association. Chartered in 1937 as the “Landscape Contractors Association”, this organization was formed by a forward-thinking group of aggressive contractors who perceived that a cooperative program would be instrumental in effectively addressing the growing industry’s difficulties. This group changed its name in 1947 to the “California Landscape Contractors Association”, subsequently giving up this name to the overall statewide organization in 1952.

The SFBA Chapter’s members met with members of what would become CLCA’s Los Angeles Chapter (formed in 1948) and the San Diego Chapter (formed in 1952) at Yosemite National Park in September of 1951, therein laying the groundwork for the future incorporation of the group as a nonprofit. These three independent landscaping groups all shared the same general cause: to forward the professional interests of the industry in their regions. CLCA was incorporated in April of 1952, at which point the three formerly independent chapters became the organization’s first three regional chapters. This united front increased CLCA’s ability to have an impact at the state level.

The SFBA Chapter continued in its role as one of CLCA’s preeminent and groundbreaking chapters. In the early 1970’s, the chapter further divided itself into the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area-East, North Coast and Central Coast Chapters, enabling it to better serve both members and local communities. The Chapter held its first women’s meeting in 1950, setting the stage for the formation of the “Grass Widows”, which eventually became the “CLCA Auxiliary”. The main purpose of the Auxiliary remains the same, to assist at the chapter meetings and projects, organize picnics and holiday parties, facilitate events and raise money for LEAF.

In 1988, the State Auxiliary founded the Landscape Educational Advancement Foundation (LEAF), to
guarantee the endowment of annual scholarships to deserving students pursuing their education and
seeking careers in the landscape industry. To date, the SFBA Chapter has established and continues to support a total of 18 named LEAF funds (thirteen memorial, three honorarium, one family and one chapter).

Past Presidents CLCA-SFBA


2024 Barry and Mary Cohen co-presidents
2022-2023 Juan Carlos Esparza
2021 K.C. Coverdell
2020 Jeff Henninger
2019 Gabriel Thomas
2018 Fanny Obadia
2017 Erhard Wegman
2016 Todd Bradrick
2015 Tom Ellington
2014 Michael Gladden
2013 Larry Scott
2012 Nate Crosby
2011 James Walker
2009-10 Patrick Camin
2008 Craig Rapp
2007 Kevin Burns
2006 Michelle Chu
2005 Michael Hertzer
2004 Dale von Dohren
2003 Simon Parrott
2002 Frank Niccoli
2001 Sam Whitney
2000 Erin Gil
1999 Jon Singley
1998 Cheryl Powers
1997 Edward Ott
1996 Eric Biland
1995 Jeffery Sheehan
1994 Richard Singletary
1993 Kent England
1992 Steve Whitehill
1991 Jim Everett
1990 Bruce Reed
1989 Ken Coverdell

1988 Girvin Peters
1987 Rick E. Myers
1986 Scott McGilvray
1985 Jeff Frank
1984 Barry L. Cohen
1982-1983 Camile Domine
1980-1981 Ernst Lehmann
1979 Richard L. Larson
1978 Klaus Hertzer
1977 Walter Ulrich
1976 Chuck Rich
1975 George Kunimoto
1974 Ken Gerlack
1973 Frederic Herzer
1972 Leo Ott
1971 Hans Biland
1970 Wally Leiser
1969 Roger D. Fiske
1968 Jim Schulz & James Batista
1967 Roger D. Fiske
1965-1966 David J. Dorward
1964 Mas Tusda
1963 Kennith E. Schmidt
1962 Neil E. Shooter
1961 George J. Eilers
1960 Walter Prehn
1959 Herbert S. Frank
1958 Rudolph Watson
1957 Curt W. Burton
1956 C. William Lance
1955 Stephen L. Vistica
1954 A. W. (Bill) Heubsch
1953 Dana R. Tyson
1952 Baily Justice
1949-1951 C. J. Schromm
1947-1948 Ernest Bruderer